As June 25th inches closer and closer on the calendar, the buzz about the 2015 NBA Draft is swarming with plenty of discussion about mock drafts, team needs, and player potential.

This time of year is also when we are reminded about the “NBA’s Biggest Draft Busts of All Time”. It seems every media outlet, on at least one occasion, has released their list what they refer to as ‘underachievers’ throughout their professional career. In doing so, these players (even if hindered by serious injuries during their career) are essentially treated as third class citizens within sports media throughout the rest of their lives.

But is this fair? Is it right to exile a group of players because of personal disappointment in their productivity as a basketball player? One can say that it comes with the territory, but I disagree. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think any “Bust” has ever asked a franchise to draft him #1 overall in the draft. As a matter of fact, when the Cleveland Cavaliers selected Anthony Bennett with the top pick in the draft, he seemed just as surprised as you and I.

In my opinion, we shouldn’t criticize so heavily the players that disappoint, but rather the executives and coaches that selected him. The executives made that player their top pick, not the other way around. So, if anyone should be given blame for their pick’s lack of development and production, blame them. The player didn’t put himself in that position, but rather the executives and coaches did. If he doesn’t meet expectations, it sounds like the powers-that-be misfired on their ‘Bullseye’.

I’m hoping to read an updated version of the “NBA’s Biggest Draft Busts of All Time” in the near future.   This time, it should include the names of General Managers and other draft day decision-makers.