ESPN Analyst Calls Mike Summey a Home Run Hire for NC State

ESPN college basketball analyst Richie Schueler worked as a coach at St. Andrews University in Laurinburg, N.C., for 10 years, first as an assistant and then four seasons as head coach. In that time, St. Andrews was part of what was then known as the Carolinas-Virginia Athletic Conference. One of its rivals in that league was […]

‘Post Entry Wheel’ On-Court Demonstration (ESPN)

Many teams utilize the ‘Post Entry Wheel’ action. It forces the offense to move off the ball, provides scoring opportunities for cutters, & gives the post player a better chance to score. Here’s a simple in-game breakdown of how Air Force goes about it. ‬#ESPN #CollegeBasketball

This Just In, Episode 2 featuring ESPN’s Richie Schueler

On this episode of #ThisJustIn, we speak with ESPN’s NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball Analyst Richie Schueler about COVID-19 & College Sports and about “Pay to Play” in the NCAA.

ESPN college basketball analyst Richie Schueler: Nevada Sports Net

ESPN college basketball analyst Richie Schueler: Nevada Sports Net RENO, Nev. — ESPN college basketball analyst Richie Schueler joins NSN Daily via Zoom for two segments. First segment – how his life has been since the outbreak of COVID-19 and the changes in the sports broadcasting world. CLICK HERE! Schueler then answers a question a lot […]