Schueler For 2 – Jan. 25, 2022

Big West Men’s Basketball analyst, Richie Schueler, takes two minutes to break down the league, with a focus on the top four streaking squads and the fact that eight different programs have earned a championship title since 2010.

Schueler For 2 – Jan. 12, 2022

Big West basketball analyst, Richie Schueler, takes us through his five players to watch around the league in just two minutes.

MW Men’s Basketball Off To Successful Start

Mountain West Network’s Jesse Kurtz chats with national college basketball broadcaster, Richie Schueler, about the successful start to the men’s basketball season for the Mountain West.

Brandon’s Sports Talk With Richie Schueler (College Basketball Analyst)​

Brandon’s Sports Talk In this interview, I speak with Richie Schueler, a College Basketball Analyst. He discusses how he knew he wanted to work as a college basketball analyst and what the roles and responsibilities entail. He was a college basketball coach for St Andrews University, Wilmington College & Austin Peay State University. Since then, […]

Mountain West Chasing Four NCAA Tournament Bids

Mountain West Chasing Four NCAA Tournament Bids Jesse Kurtz of the Mountain West Network talks to national basketball broadcaster Richie Schueler about the top teams in the Mountain West who are making strong cases for NCAA Tournament bids.

‘Post Entry Wheel’ On-Court Demonstration (ESPN)

Many teams utilize the ‘Post Entry Wheel’ action. It forces the offense to move off the ball, provides scoring opportunities for cutters, & gives the post player a better chance to score. Here’s a simple in-game breakdown of how Air Force goes about it. ‬#ESPN #CollegeBasketball