ESPN Analyst Calls Mike Summey a Home Run Hire for NC State

ESPN college basketball analyst Richie Schueler worked as a coach at St. Andrews University in Laurinburg, N.C., for 10 years, first as an assistant and then four seasons as head coach. In that time, St. Andrews was part of what was then known as the Carolinas-Virginia Athletic Conference. One of its rivals in that league was […]

‘Post Entry Wheel’ On-Court Demonstration (ESPN)

Many teams utilize the ‘Post Entry Wheel’ action. It forces the offense to move off the ball, provides scoring opportunities for cutters, & gives the post player a better chance to score. Here’s a simple in-game breakdown of how Air Force goes about it. ‬#ESPN #CollegeBasketball

JELL-O is the Official State Snack (Food) of Utah

Did you know that JELL-O is the official state snack (food) of Utah? Now you do… Don’t ever say we never taught you anything! Colorado State @ Utah State (1/25/20, ESPNU)

Trends in Coaching College Hoops | Richie Schueler, ESPN

Coach Richie Schueler, of ESPN and PhD Hoops, talks to Tony Miller of “A Quick Timeout’ about the current trends in college basketball, the continued rise of west coast hoops, and the value that PhD Hoops is bringing to the basketball community.  A Quick Timeout – Trends in Coaching College Hoops | Richie Schueler, ESPN

Talking Nationally-Ranked Utah State on The Full Court Press

“So fun to have @RichieSchueler join The Full Court Press today.” ~Ajay Salvesen of ‘The Fan, Sports Talk Radio’ *Does Justin Bean have a shot to win MWC POY?  *What makes Diogo Brito so good on defense?  *Why Richie is at fault for Sam’s struggles in San Jose State? Click Here to Listen!