Two Minutes with Tammy & Richie – March 3

This week, Big West women’s basketball analyst Tammy Blackburn is joined by men’s analyst Richie Schueler as the duo takes just 2 minutes to break down The Big West heading into the final weekend of the regular season.

Schueler for 2 – Feb. 22, 2022

The Big West men’s basketball analyst Richie Schueler looks ahead as the season winds down, analyzing some of the top candidates for Big West Coach and Player of the Year. Did he get your favorite player or coach? Let him know!

Schueler for 2 – Feb. 10, 2022

Big West men’s basketball analyst Richie Schueler takes a trip around the globe to highlight some of the league’s best and brightest from abroad. Learn more at!

Schueler For 2 – Jan. 25, 2022

Big West Men’s Basketball analyst, Richie Schueler, takes two minutes to break down the league, with a focus on the top four streaking squads and the fact that eight different programs have earned a championship title since 2010.

Schueler For 2 – Jan. 12, 2022

Big West basketball analyst, Richie Schueler, takes us through his five players to watch around the league in just two minutes.

JELL-O is the Official State Snack (Food) of Utah

Did you know that JELL-O is the official state snack (food) of Utah? Now you do… Don’t ever say we never taught you anything! Colorado State @ Utah State (1/25/20, ESPNU)

Coaching in International Competition | Richie Schueler, ESPN

Coach Richie Schueler, of ESPN and PhD Hoops, talks to Tony Miller of “A Quick Timeout’ about his experiences coaching against teams from around the world, things he’s picked up from international coaches, and how you can travel to coach against oversees opponents.