College Basketball Analyst
"Richie Schueler needs to be on more national games. Not many people have more fun doing their job. Move him up ⁦‪ESPN!"
Rory Larson (Twitter)
"Richie Schueler is energetic, lively, fun, and knowledgeable on his broadcasts! I wish he was on more broadcasts!!"
Twitter post (January 3, 2017)
"You are such a strong advocate for college basketball’s players and coaches. Your knowledge of the game and your enthusiasm make a huge difference. Thanks for all you do."
Coach Dave Rice
Coach/Skills Trainer
"I would like to thank PHD Hoops for coming to Idaho Falls and putting on a great camp. The camp was organized and Coach Schueler did an excellent job of breaking down the skills and making the camp fun. What I loved the most about the camp was how Coach Schueler took out the time to work with each camper and give them feedback. I’m excited to have PHD Hoops come back to Idaho Falls."
Coach Lee Toldson (Thunder Ridge High School, ID)
Sports Production
"I had the distinct pleasure to have Richie on my crew and in my pocket during a commercial for the NBA, filmed at the Thomas & Mack Center In Las Vegas. During the production, we individually covered over 20 highly talented NBA players. Without Richie as a go-between, we would've never made our days. Richie helped our spot run extremely smooth. He is now my first call on all things sports related."
Ethan Ross, DGA 1st Assistant Director
“Richie Schueler is the most professional yet super fun and upbeat sports choreographer I've had the pleasure to work with. He saved our commercial with his ability to teach a bunch of pro soccer players and Harlem basketball players how to play each other's games and choreograph a very complicated scene with only 30 minutes of rehearsal. It was awe inspiring.”
Kyra Vogt, Line Producer
"Richie, great to hang with you man. You made that shoot fun and helped calm everyone’s nerves, so thank you brother. Hopefully we get a chance to work together again. We will for sure be calling you if we do any more NBA jobs."
George Meeker, Executive Producer (Interrogate)
"One of the pleasures of working in this biz is learning from all people that are specialized and good at what they do. So, thanks for showing us a bit about basketball and giving insight on what real players might be able to do for the camera. Definitely helped my end of things. I can't wait to see the finished commercial."
Orpheus Collar, Shooting Boards Artist
"It was great to have you on the shoot. I think the project is going to turn out to be really special."
Ericson Core, Director
“We really enjoyed having you on set with us!! What a fun project!!”
Tammy Leech Taylor, Executive Producer (Karmony Productions)
“It was great to have you on set last week. Your energy and enthusiasm for the process came through loud and clear, which is refreshing for those of us who have been in it a long time! I have no doubt that those same qualities will help you find a path of success into the business.”
David Taylor, Casting Director (DNT Casting)